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Upcoming DNG Events

March 7
Kiddush generously sponsored by David Sales and David Dobkin in honor of their wives' birthdays

March 9
Purimpalooza Megillah reading, meal, and carnival

March 10
Purimpalooza seudah

March 14
Kiddush generously sponsored by Barbara and Erwin Epstein on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Charlotte Epstein, Erwin's mother, and in memory of Ann Robbin, Barbara's mother

March 14
DNG Sisterhood book group: On Division by Goldie Goldbloom

March 16
DNG board meeting

March 21
Shabbat guest: Rabbi Ari Zucker from YU Torah Mitzion Kollel

March 22, 7:30 pm
The Fascinating World's Fair Story and the Jews Who Helped Create Its Glory - a visual lecture by our own Dr. Suzanne Epstein.  Please rsvp to Margo for planning purposes

Recent DNG Events

February 22
Annual trivia night at 8:00 pm

February 22
Kiddush generously hosted by Jennifer and Michael Zukerman in celebration of Aidan's bar mitzvah

February 16, 10:00 am
Kids' challah bake at DNG with Bryna Fox

February 15, 7:45 pm
Come enjoy The Life of Pi followed by a discussion led by Rabbi Ari Zuker of YU Torah Kollel Mitzion. The evening will graciously be hosted at the home of Judy Leapman and will end by 10:30 pm. Please rsvp for planning purposes.

February 15
Join the DNG Sisterhood book group following kiddush for a lively discussion of Dalia Rosenfeld's The Worlds We Think We Know

February 9, 6:30 pm
Tu B'Shevat seder for women and girls; register here

February 1, 7:15 pm
Four Rabbis Walk into a Shul... Join us for the second annual night of learning, community, and food.  You'll have the opportunity to learn Torah from four different rabbis while enjoying refreshments in between sessions.

January 26, 9:15 am
Sunday Shiur and Schmear - Norman Bogen of Chicago Chesed Fund will talk about how the organization works to provide support for Chicago-area Jewish families in need with sensitivity, dignity, and immediate attention

January 11
Spend Shabbat with Rabbi Yedidya Noiman and Elliot Cahan from Yeshiva in Elon Moreh.  Rabbi Noiman's expertise includes philosophy, prayer, and the writings of Rabbi Kook.

December 28
Kiddush generously sponsored by Sara and Mark Drexler in honor of Aaron Drexler's aufruf 

December 25, 12:30 pm
Kids Hanukkah party - decorate sufganiyot and candle boxes and eat pizza!  Please rsvp to Shaya.

December 13, 7:30 pm
Enjoy yummy food, divrei Torah, good company, and singing.  What could be better on a long Friday night?  At the home
                      of Nancy and Dan Goldstein.

December 8, 9:15 am
Breakfast and Brachot - Kids will make pancakes and french toast and study Torah with Rabbi Fox.  

December 7
Rabbi Fishbane, one of the stars in kosher certification, directs the CRC’s Kosher Supervision service with energy and dedication.  He is happy to answer your questions; please email Rabbi Fox by Friday morning.

November 30, 3:30 pm
College students and other young adults are invited to schmooze and seudah shlishit at the home of Bryna and
                       Rabbi Fox.

November 28, 9:30 am
DNG youth will deliver baked goods Thanksgiving morning to Northbrook's first responders as a way of expressing gratitude for all they do to keep our community safe

November 23
Kiddush generously sponsored by Leslie and Tom Silverstein in honor of the yahrzeit of Marilyn Ross, Leslie's mother

November 22-23 
Emma Katz, Community Scholar at NILI - Shabbat dinner and shiurim including an afternoon women's seudah shlishit
                      hosted by a DNG member.  Co-sponsored with YU Torah Mitzion Kollel.

November 16
Kiddush in honor of Mashi and Rabbi Yehuda Polstein and family

November 15-16 
Worldwide Shabbat Experience with Shabbat Project - join over one million Shabbat Project participants around the world by hosting Shabbat meals with friends in your home.

November 10
DNG Goes to the Movies: Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - "Tel Aviv on Fire" at the Arclight Theater in the Glen followed by a light dinner and discussion at DNG.  Click here to buy tickets from DNG.  For more information, please
                      contact Barbara Epstein.

November 9 
Pink Shabbat with Eve Reingold Kleinerman, Illinois Regional Director of Sharsheret - learn about identifying signs of risk and how to best support family and friends during illness.

November 7 
Judaism: The Ultimate Martial Art  - an inspirational and enlightening evening with extreme martial artist, meditation expert, and Torah scholar Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen.  Presented by CTN.  Reservations here.

November 2 
Kiddush generously sponsored by Barbara and Erwin Epstein in honor of Barbara's special birthday.

October 21, 8:30 pm
Simchat Torah dinner - after a spirited evening of hakafot Torah celebrations, we will conclude with a communal dinner.  Sponsored by DNG Sisterhood.

October 22
Simchat Torah lunch for the entire family after a joyful morning of davening and dancing.  Sponsored by DNG Sisterhood.

October 19, 3:30 pm
DNG sukkah hop - Join us for afternoon fun and food plus games for the kids first at the home of Lynn and Jerry Cherney then at the home of Bryna and Rabbi Fox.  Sponsored by DNG Sisterhood.

Food drive at DNG to support The Ark

September 30, 10am
An Invitation to Rosh Hashana

If there's anyone you know new to the High Holiday experience who would like a taste, please invite them to take a
                       moment to bask in the joy of Rosh Hashanah with Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh as he leads a brief session to begin the new
                      year, including time for mediation and reflection, followed by a festive kiddush.  

September 24, 8pm
Pre-Rosh Hashana learning with Rabbi Reuven Brand at the home of Leslie and Tom Silverstein

September 18
Taste of Rosh Hashana, presented by CTN with DNG. Contact for more information or click here to register.

September 14
Kiddush generously sponsored by Stephanie and Michael Fox in honor of the birth of daughter Paige Deborah

September 7
Kiddush generously sponsored by Liz and David Geifman in honor of Isaac's 16th birthday

September 6-7
Shabbaton with Rabbi Yona Reiss of the CRC

See more in the DNG events archive.

Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781