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Elul Inspiration



This is an opportunity to prepare for the High Holidays, learn about true repentance, and get a glimpse into the Rambam's understanding of the world and our relationship with Hashem.  Every Monday through Friday during the month of Elul, Rabbi Fox will record a brief teaching (3-5 minutes) from the Rambam's "Laws of Teshuva" and post it to this page.  He will also share it each morning via email or WhatsApp for those who opt in; please contact Rabbi Fox directly with your preference. 

Day one: Introduction
Day two: Hilchos Teshuva 1.1
Day three: Hilchos Teshuva 1.1b
Day four: Hilchos Teshuva 1.1c
Day five: Review and Story

Day six: Hilchos Teshuva 1.2
Day seven: Hilchos Teshuva 1.3
Day eight: Hilchos Teshuva 1.4

Day nine: Hilchos Teshuva 2.1
Day ten: Review and Story (plus video clip referenced)
Day eleven: Hilchos Teshuva 2.2
Day twelve: Hilchos Teshuva 2.3
Day thirteen: Hilchos Teshuva 2.4
Day fourteen: Hilchos Teshuva 2.5
Day fifteen: Review and Story
Day sixteen: Hilchos Teshuva 2.6
Day seventeen: Hilchos Teshuva 2.7

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Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783