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DNG-Silverstein Torah Project Testimonials

“Torah is the central focus of our family.  Our dedications to the DNG Torah Fund in honor of Charlene’s parents, Rachel Leah z”l and Yaakov z”l, and in honor of David’s bar mitzvah have great meaning to us.  We hope that meaning, along with our love for Torah, will be conveyed to our children, our grandchildren, and through our generations.”
     —Charlene and David Sales

​“We chose to dedicate this sefer because our family wanted to show our appreciation to DNG and for what the community has meant to us.  We thought that since Isaac, Max, Dave, and Dave’s dad all read from the Torah for parasha Bereshit, it was fitting to dedicate the whole sefer.”
     —Liz and Dave Geifman


“We endowed parasha Ki Tavo in honor of David’s father Arnold’s bar mitzvah in 1935 and Avi’s bar mitzvah in 2012.  L’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.”
     —Debbie and David Dobkin



“Becoming an octogenarian has much meaning
Now that Miketz is the reading,
As my father’s yahrzeit begins this night
And 67 years since my bar mitzvah I shall recite.”
     —Barbara and Erwin Epstein

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784